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Cloud Communications Solutions

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Cloud Communications can improve your business’s day to day operations

Certain business dynamics are custom-made for cloud communications solutions. Spend less time managing infrastructure and more time focusing on your core business objectives, it’s time to consider the cloud.

Cloud communications is the wave of the future.… Read the rest

Clear Choice Telephones Support Mobility

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Does your business phone system support mobility?


The Mobility Revolution is taking over in personal and business communications.  As the CEO of a huge corporation or the owner of your own small business, you must ask yourself, does our phone system support mobility? … Read the rest

5 Business Trends Affecting Communications

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Will these 5 business trends affect your company’s communications?

5 Business Trends Guaranteed To Affect You

Planning for your company’s communications cannot be done in a vacuum. To improve both employee productivity and the customer experience, you need to look at the bigger picture.… Read the rest

Clear Choice Inc

Layered Security Protects VoIP Systems

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Clear Choice Telephones provides layered security to protect VoIP Systems.  Is your VoIP phone system secure?

Early adopters of VoIP phone systems gave layered security little thought. But today, with attacks being staged with more frequency against organizations of all sizes and types, IT specialists are updating security practices to protect voice and data transmitted over their networks.

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