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Why Choose a RingCentral phone system?

  • Business world is moving towards cloud phone systems
  • Unparalleled functionality, reliability, and value RingCentral Office®—the complete cloud based RingCentral phone system—easy to set up, easy to manage.
  • Voice. Conferencing.
  • Online meetings.
  • One phone system.
  • Provide a consistent feature set and user experience to all users around the globe.
  • Optimize your business communications with enterprise-class voice, fax, text, call handling, mobile apps, and BYOD capability. Your RingCentral phone system seamlessly integrates with Salesforce®, Oracle®, Zendesk, Desk, Box, Dropbox™, Google, and Microsoft®.

Hassle Free Deployment

Mobilized business communications—BYOD ready.

It’s simple to integrate smartphones and tablets. The RingCentral mobile app turns BYOD devices into business phones. You can manage your entire RingCentral phone system whenever, wherever you want.

Eliminate setup and ongoing maintenance.

Phones arrive in days, not weeks—preconfigured, fully provisioned, and ready for calls. Just plug phones in to a high-speed internet connection to get started. With cloud phone systems, there’s no hardware to maintain; updates and new features appear automatically.

Business SMS

  • Send professional text messages to colleagues, clients, and departments from your business number.
  • Business SMS works on your mobile devices and desktops.
  • Text seamlessly across smartphones, tablets and desktop, Apple Watch®, and RingCentral for Desktop.*
  • Remove unwanted calls with number blocking and create a spam blacklist.
  • Receive push and email notifications of incoming messages.
  • Easily make a call, join a conference, or visit a website by tapping on detected phone numbers and URLs directly from text messages.
  • Instantly join a conference call with one tap from a text message invitation; no need to enter a participant access code.

Introducing Glip!

Welcome to smart and intuitive teamwork.

In the digital age, it’s an increasing challenge to connect teams due to the rich variety of resources. Glip provides a single, unified team workspace that empowers you to work, communicate, and collaborate faster and more effectively than ever before.

Emails, scattered discussions, and disjointed resources are drastically reduced as teams share conversa-tions, files, tasks, and calendars. Your teams, whether internal or external, can collaborate using their fa-vorite devices anytime, anyplace—all within the Glip team workspace.

Less email clutter
Efficiently collaborate with your teams with real-time messaging and shared calendars, reducing your bloated inbox and time wasted detangling email threads.

A space for shared files
Share files with your Glip teams so they’re easy to find when you need them. With cloud phone system, you can also instantly start a video conference to share documents and presentations, and collaborate live with team members around the world.

One source for task management
Collaboration is about getting things done which is achievable when using cloud phone systems. Glip streamlines efficiency by integrating task and project management, so you keep teams on the same page and on schedule to deliver strong results.

Integrate essential apps
Whether you’re a developer, project manager, marketer, customer support, and more you can use the apps that are vital to your expertise and productivity.

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