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Hosted Unified Communications

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Hosted unified communications allows you to fuse all of your communications options into a single, powerful system.

unified communications

ShoreTel unified communications

Unified communications (or UC) is the next step in the evolution of communications management.  It allows a single system to control every facet of your company’s communications, including voice, email, instant messages, desktop sharing, conferencing, and more.  ShoreTel unified communications systems seamlessly blend these features no matter the device or operating systems, allowing you the tech flexibility you need.  The scalability of our hosted unified communications means it’s a single platform that meets your needs now and in the future.

ShoreTel offers three types of unified communications.  The first is ShoreTel Sky, a cloud-based phone system that is managed for you by ShoreTel.  This cuts down on your IT overhead and ensures you always have the latest technology at your disposal.  It’s a subscription-based service, meaning you don’t have to navigate up-front costs when dealing with your system.

The second unified communications option is ShoreTel Premises.  This architecture keeps the technology in your hands.  You have full control and manage the system through your in-house IT department.  It allows for planned investments of time and money on your schedule rather than a monthly operational expense.

The final type of unified communications is a hybrid package that combines elements of both ShoreTel Sky and ShoreTel Premises.

If you’d like know more about ShoreTel unified communications, contact Clear Choice Telephones at 770-255-3333 to discuss.  We’ll be happy to find a system  that’s right for you.