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Hybrid Communications with ShoreTel Connect

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See how ShoreTel Connect can improve business communications with a hybrid solution.

ShoreTel has launched an ambitious new project that will allow customers to maximize their investment in their onsite phone systems by adding cloud based applications.  With it’s release of ShoreTel Connect, customers will be able to use a hybrid solution that will allow the use of premise-based phone systems where they want, while providing cloud solutions for the rest of the company.  For example, a company might want to have a ShoreTel premise system at their headquarters but provide cloud service in their remote locations.  Shoretel Connect combines the best of onsite and hosted cloud business phone solutions into one platform.

ShoreTel Connect, new products

ShoreTel Connect will also feature revamped user software.  The new, modern look will still retain many of the previous version’s great time-saving features.  The software will also move toward greater business collaboration.  Users will easily be able to text each other, engage in group chats, or jump into a conference call with one mouse-click.  ShoreTel Connect will also allow users to see all their recent communications with another person.  When viewing a contact, the Recent tab displays a contact timeline.  It also filters and displays inbound and outbound calls, voicemail messages, and IM sessions.  ShoreTel Connect will truly be about connecting people, not devices.

ShoreTel Connect will also add many helpful cloud-based applications.  The two currently launching are ShoreTel Sky Scribe and ShoreTel Sky Fax.  ShoreTel Sky Scribe will allow users to read their emails.  Scribe is an integrated, voice mail transcription service that converts voice mail messages into text files and emails them automatically.  ShoreTel Sky Fax allows users to send and receive faxes from their desktop or mobile devices.   They not only save time by not using a standalone fax, but they also have added security.   Faxes can be forwarded, saved, and searched.

ShoreTel will be launching several new products in 2016 that will enhance  usage of Shoretel Connect.  For example, the new ShoreTel Connect Edge Gateway will improve access to the ShoreTel Connect system for remote and teleworkers.  There’s no need for offsite users to launch a VPN to use ShoreTel Connect, their IP 400 series phones, and/or the ShoreTel Connect ONSITE Interaction Center application.  Highly secure and Web RTC compatible, the ShoreTel Connect Edge Gateway is a virtual appliance managed through ShoreTel Connect Director.

These are just a few of the applications Shoretel Connect will utilize to make your business communications seamless.  Visit the ShoreTel website for more information on ShoreTel Connect and its applications.

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