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Fax Servers – Offices

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Fax Server – Offices


Do you have five or more fax machines or need better fax privacy? Fax Servers are the answer.

Many of our clients are switching from standalone faxes to a fax service such as Multi-Tech’s FaxFinder. The fax server not only costs less money over time, but it also has the added benefit of “fax to email.”

The fax server saves money two ways. It often allows users to reduce the number of fax lines that can add up to over $100 per month. It also usually results in fewer fax machines, which reduces costs in toner, servicing, and replacement.

Fax to e-mail means that each user will get their own private fax number. Faxes sent to that number will show up in an e-mail. It is not only much more convenient, but also has the added benefit of privacy.

A fax server could be the answer to all of your fax needs.