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4 Ways the “Consumerization” of IT Can Impact Your Business

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Discover what IT customization works for your company

IT customizationWhile each workplace is unique, successful ones share certain qualities when it comes to their digital initiatives. For example, employees across all departments are encouraged to voice their opinions around technology needs and stay involved throughout the adoption process. These organizations then continue to grow and develop along with employees’ technology preferences, creating an inherently innovative environment.

Here’s what the IT leaders of B2B organizations should be on the lookout for as they consider embracing IT consumerization in their technology stack:

  1. User expectations will continue to rise
    As consumer-driven technology spreads into the office, employees’ expectations for how they’ll be able to accomplish their work will change. Simplicity and efficiency are essential for time-pressed employees juggling multiple projects. Tools become more intuitive, saving time and streamlining processes.
  2. Universal access to information
    With employees working from various locations at all times of day and night, enterprises will need to adjust their technologies to address the need for flexible, always-on access. Collaborative workspaces that enable employees to interact with each other in real-time despite location, along with remote access to tools and files through cloud communications technology, are just some of the ingredients essential to giving this new workforce what it needs to thrive.
  3. New device and data policies
    Employees will demand the ability to do the same things on work devices that they do on personal devices. This leads to both challenges and threats as employees use personal apps and devices at work, including a higher risk of exposing confidential and sensitive information in an unsecured environment. To manage this risk appropriately, IT departments need to establish Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies and sensitive data and information. They’ll need to balance risk management with the freedom of employees to use the devices and apps that keep them productive.
  4. A better employee experience
    This last point is quite simple – when employees can use the technologies they’ve come to rely on in the consumer space, they have a better work experience. When the enterprise makes information more accessible and provides intuitive tools and processes that are driven by user needs and expectations, employees are happier. While this may sound obvious, a better employee experience is perhaps the most important reason to embrace B2B consumerization. The impact a positive work experience has on output, productivity and innovation are invaluable.

IT isn’t “one size fits all”, so use these 4 ways to discover how IT consumerization can impact your business. Give us a call for more help with customizing your IT at 770.255.3333.

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