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Mitel plans to acquire ShoreTel

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Late last week, Mitel announced a planned agreement to acquire ShoreTel for
$430 million, placing the company firmly at the forefront of the UCaaS market.

What does this mean for ShoreTel customers and partners? All good things.

ShoreTel has millions of active users on its platform and thousands of partners across the world. Mitel stated recognition of this and will not jeopardize any existing customers or partners.

Clear Choice is enthusiastic about this merger, we believe it will serve our customers further will better hardware, more R&D into existing ShoreTel software, and a greater commitment to on-site and Cloud technology.

Mitel announced a planned agreement to acquire ShoreTel

Short Term – What You Should Expect

  • Short Term? Nothing changes, systems remain supported and day to day work continues as usual.
  • It will take at least two months or more to finalize the deal, up to a year before even minor changes take effect.
  • Mitel is known for its reliability while ShoreTel is famous for forward thinking and innovation. Customers should expect improvements on the ShoreTel Connect platform in both quality and reliability.
Long Term – What You Should Expect

  • We see nothing but good things on the horizon
  • Shoretel’s Connect software will be built upon and improved, we expect long term improvements and updates for years to come.
  • We are excited about new products that will become available to our customers, such as Mitel’s superb phone hardware.


What Will Not Change? 

Our commitment to be the finest phone vendor in Georgia. Clear Choice will continue to grow our support staff and invest in major upgrades to our management software and accelerate our training and certifications.


J. Michael Higgins