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One Screen – Dual Screens

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One Screen Dual Screens


When it comes to productivity, one of the greatest boosts I have gotten in the past years came when I added a second monitor on my desktop.  If you don’t have two monitors you may wonder what you would do with all that screen space.  Once you get used to it, work becomes tedious without it.  Some of my favorite uses:

  • Copy and paste information from one screen into the other.
  • View a webinar on one screen while still having access to other programs.
  • Compare different versions of documents for updating quotes.
  • Search the web on one screen while compiling information on another.
  • Remote administer a clients phone server while verifying the same settings on my system via browser on different screen.

There are many other helpful applications, once you have two screens you will never want to work any other way.  Unless you are like my buddy that has three!

When I am working away from the office with my iPad, I will use my iPhone as another screen to pull information from.  The same goes if I use a laptop, the iPad can be used as another screen.  I am used to working on one screen while having easy access to info on another one.

The only thing you need is a video card in your computer that can handle dual monitors.  If your current card only takes a singe monitor, it can usually be swapped out for one that supports two.

Give it a try and let me know your thoughts!

Posted by: Paul Mancini