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Selling Business VoIP from ShoreTel Sky

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Shoretel Sky VoIP

Shoretel Sky VoIP

ShoreTel Sky VoIP – BusinessTelephone Solution


The ShoreTel Sky VoIP solution for business is hosted in the cloud and is often preferred over traditional land lines, hardware-based IP phone systems or even basic hosted VoIP services because it includes:

  • More than 90 enterprise-level phone features
  • Greater mobility for remote users who only need the internet to connect
  • Greater flexibility for companies needing to move offices, open new locations or ramp up/down staff quickly
  • The guarantee that callers can find you whether are at the office, on the road or at home
  • Metrics and insights into your customer’s experiences provided by the system.  Calls and conversations can be connected to your CRM system

The ShoreTel Sky VoIP cloud phone system, Call Conductor, is launched on its own hosted platform in the cloud.  There is no third party involved.  This is the key to making Call Conductor the most reliable hosted phone system on the planet.

Clear Choice Telephones is fully certified to sell The ShoreTel Sky VOIP service, and along with ShoreTel, will provide customers with superior call quality and renowned service throughout the transition, implementation, and ongoing use of the technology.

Contact Clear Choice Telephones at 770-255-3333 to learn how the ShoreTel Sky service can enrich and benefit your company.