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The ShoreTel Connect Mobility App

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See how the ShoreTel Connect Mobility App can benefit your team

Clear Choice Telephones can provide your employees mobility with the Shoretel Connect Mobility App. For a small business, mobility means being able to access your desk phone features everywhere.   Whether your employees are working in the field, remotely or even on vacation, businesses of all sizes can integrate their employees’ favorite smartphones and tablets with their existing phone system.  We call this bring your own device (BYOD).  With the Shoretel Mobility App, employees can stay connected from any location around the world on any network Wifi, 3G/4G, or cellular.  Read on to learn about some of the cool features the ShoreTel Mobility App has to offer.

Having phone service that is always available and always secure are features you and your employees will be privy to with the ShoreTel Connect Mobility App.  Dropped calls due to building design and materials that inhibit cellular radio transmission will be a thing of the past.  No more worries about losing connectivity when you walk in or out of a building again. By leveraging Wireless LAN networks to provide wireless coverage across your entire enterprise, Shoretel Connect can help your company take control of in-building coverage problems.  As far as security, ShoreTel Mobility secures mobile enterprise communications by leveraging proven standards for authentication and encryption with X.509 digital certificates and AES-256 encryption. This feature preserves both simplicity and maximum security by automatically recognizing when the user is outside the enterprise firewall.  Once this occurs, an application-layer SSL VPN will be launched to provide an even greater sense that your company’s information will be protected.

When your mobile workers are in the field and have to BYOD, they can work from iOs or Android devices.  The ShoreTel Connect Mobility App offers the same productivity-boosting features that unify communications for workers in the office.  With the ShoreTel Connect Mobility App, your employees can communicate by video conferencing with room-based systems, as well as utilize peer-to-peer video and web conferencing.  They can access their calendar, perform CRM integration and send instant messages all with the professional presence of being in the office. Desk phone features like extension dialing, conference calling, company directory, hold, and call transfer will also be available through the ShoreTel Connect Mobility App.

Another feature that will allow your employees to communicate offsite just like they were sitting at their desk is the ShoreTel Connect Mobility App’s “Today” screen.  It shows scheduled audio conference calls, with a simple “Join” button to connect immediately–with GoToMeeting and WebEx calls supported, too. In addition, the app supports ShoreTel Conferencing, enabling iOS users to participate fully in collaboration sessions, viewing spreadsheets, presentations, and work sessions from others’ desktops.

Partnering with Shoretel has afforded us at Clear Choice Telephones the opportunity to provide our clients with the lowest costing cellular calls via the cheapest path inside and outside the enterprise. It is also one of the only solutions to use VoIP over WLAN on leading iOS / Apple and Android smartphones, tablets, and Apple wearable devices.  We care about the bottom line and workplace flexibility can drive productivity, if you have the right phone system.

To get more information on how Clear Choice Telephones can enhance your communications in the office or in the field call us at 770-255-3333. Make sure your company offers your mobile workers the flexibility they crave while giving your IT staff the control they require with the ShoreTel Connect Mobility App.