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ShoreTel Connect to Add Cloud Apps

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ShoreTel Connect will give customers new options for efficient business conversations.

Smartphone, ShoreTel Connect

ShoreTel Connect will be coming to a Smartphone near you very soon.

ShoreTel has announced the launching of its new Hybrid Connect Product.  ShoreTel Connect combines the best of onsite and hosted cloud business phone solutions into one platform.

With ShoreTel Connect, customers can maximize their investment in their onsite phone systems by adding cloud-based applications for a small monthly fee.  The Connect product also allows customers to easily scale up or down and to “try before the buy”.

Many applications will be added to ShoreTel Connect.  Connect is currently launching with two:

ShoreTel Sky Scribe will allow users to read their emails.  Scribe is an integrated, voicemail transcription service that converts voice mail messages into text files and emails them automatically.  Not only does this speed up the tedious task of listening to multiple voicemails, but it also provides useful call records as well.   These can be forwarded or saved, just like any other email.

ShoreTel Sky Fax allows users to send and receive faxes from their desktop or mobile devices.   They not only save time from having to use a standalone fax, but they also have added security.   Faxes can be forwarded, saved, and searched.

ShoreTel Scribe and Fax are only the beginning of what is to come in helpful, cloud-based applications. In 2016 ShoreTel will launch its Connect version of Mobility.  Customers will no longer have to invest thousands of dollars in a Mobility server and licenses.  Instead, they can purchase single user licenses for a small monthly fee.

ShoreTel Mobility for Connect will allow users to separate out personal and business calls from their Smartphones.  Outbound Mobility calls will show a work number for the Caller ID.  In addition, users will have Presence on their Smartphones, which will allow them to see the status of other co-workers.  The Mobility application also switches seamlessly between Wi-Fi and Cellular, reducing the number of cell minutes used.  Lastly, Mobility for Connect will allow foreign travelers to call back to the US for free by utilizing Wi-Fi.

Interested in learning more about ShoreTel Connect?  Contact Clear Choice Telephones at 770-255-3333 to discuss this upcoming product.