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ShoreTel – Clear Choice Business Telephones

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ShoreTel – Clear Choice Business Telephones


Who knows business telephones better than Clear Choice.

Welcome to Clear Choice, Inc! In a bustling city like Atlanta, running a small business can be equivalent to running a major corporation. Communication is a vital, if not, the main component to your company’s success.  Clear Choice is Atlanta’s choice for business telephones and low voltage cabling. Let’s take a look at what we can offer your company.

Clear Choice specializes in business telephones by manufacturers such as Toshiba, ESI and ShoreTel. Our team umderstands you need a telephone system that’s user friendly, affordable and reliable. A missed phone call can be a great loss. Having a reliable business telephone system can not only keep the lines of communication flowing, but it can also help increase your selling capabilities.

Clear Choice telephones are designed to help you stay connected to your clients efficiently. It doesn’t matter how many employees your company has, we can integrate your system to fit your daily business needs. For example, ShoreTel telephones offer an array of telecommunications options. Our phones offer call forwarding so you will never miss a call. No matter where you are, in or out of the office, your coworkers can direct calls to your desktop phone or cell phone.

ShoreTel telephones give you the luxury of caller ID on your desktop interface.  You can always see who’s calling. With multiple phone lines, transferring calls can be a hassle. ShoreTel telephones can help you deliver warm transfers so your employees can identify their incoming calls from each other. You can place an outside caller on hold and call the desired party, keeping all communication running smoothly. If you know of an expected caller’s intended party, you can simply click on the employees name in the computer desktop interface and the call will forward to him or her directly.

Clear Choice will install your business telephone system and also provide training. We want you to feel comfortable with your new office telephones so the lines of communication are always open. Stay connected with us, our products and services by subscribing to our monthly blog. Call Clear Choice for a new business telephones today 770-255-3333 .