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ShoreTel Sky Helps Small Business

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ShoreTel Sky helps small businesses be more productive using a wide range of customizable communications options.


Operating a small business’s phone system is complex even in the best of times, but ShoreTel Sky is here to help.  ShoreTel Sky has a range of options that help make doing business easier and more affordable, especially for small businesses.

Shoretel Sky VoIP

Shoretel Sky VoIP

Virtual / Hosted PBX

The Virtual PBX service helps create a single, comprehensive phone system for your small business.  It consolidates multiple phone systems used at various office locations into one.  The system combines phone bills from multiple vendors and lets you redirect phone from high-volume areas to lower-traffic ones.  It’s also accessible from anywhere.

The hosted service offers a more enhanced version than the virtual PBX, as the hardware is run off-premise. The only required equipment is the router, meaning there isn’t a lot of bulky hardware taking up space in your office building.  The Sky solution allows you to control everything through the web-based portal.

Hosted Call Center

A powerful call management tool, the Hosted Call Center helps ensure a higher quality of customer service without tying up your own resources.  The system is connected to ShoreTel cloud solutions, meaning users can log in and access a call queue during busy times, providing increased efficiency when in standby.

Computer and Phone Integration

This collaboration option allows the use of other tools and features that increase productivity while also letting employees make or take calls.  The system can support up to 1,000 users, allowing it to be adjusted to new needs as you business grows.

Cloud and On-Site Options

Being able to choose between an on-site or cloud-based phone system is one of ShoreTel Sky’s unique and convenient features.  The Cloud Conductor allows the user system access from anywhere, improving productivity and communication both internally and with customers.  Managers can also monitor calls and the telephone numbers being made via the system.

Full Conferencing Tools

Setting up conference calls using easy invite options is just one of the many tools available.  Muting and hand-raising during these calls is also available.  

Instant Messaging

The instant messaging services included allow direct chats between employees, improving communication and efficiency, even when they are on the phone. The chat system also provides easy access to needed information, file-sharing options, and the ability to conduct a video chat.

Basic Features and Functionality

ShoreTel Sky provides not only these enhanced features, but also the basic services a small business would expect from a phone system, such as caller ID, blocking, and transferring.  Phone alerts also provide detail regarding missed calls and messages.  Customized voicemail can be accessed anywhere through a smartphone or tablet.

If you’d like to learn more about ShoreTel Sky and how it can help small businesses, contact Clear Choice Telephones at 770-255-3333.  

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