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Implementing Software-Defined Wide Area Network

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Learning the ins and outs of SD-WAN

SD-WANSD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) technology is redefining the reliability of network performance, giving companies of all sizes assured quality of service and the peace of mind to know that their business-critical traffic (like voice, video and virtual desktop apps) will always be top priority.

  1. Assure reliable network performance
    Degraded communications performance reduces productivity to a crawl and drains IT resources as they work to troubleshoot network problems. SD-WAN provides reliable hosted unified communications application performance by auto-detecting the fastest network path to optimize connectivity and speed.
  2. Simplify your network management
    IT staff can monitor and control your WAN from a centralized cloud-based view, whether you have one, two, or hundreds of locations. The simplified configuration options of most SD-WAN admin portals give IT the visibility and flexibility they need, while still delivering increased capacity, automatic updates and automatic (or custom) business policies.
  3. Rapid branch deployment
    Does your company have multiple branches? Adding new locations is fast and easy with a streamlined SD-WAN deployment model, allowing you to mobilize new branches in minutes, minimize the need for IT staff and reduce costly on-premises hardware at each office.
  4. Reduce your costs
    An SD-WAN can contribute to significant cost savings by optimizing lower cost broadband Internet, allowing most companies to scale back the use of multiprotocol label switching and other traditional circuits.
  5. Increase your network security
    SD-WAN continuously monitor and measure network traffic, giving your IT department deep visibility into your WAN and allowing them to quickly pinpoint a security attack. And with less hardware to take care of and no manual configurations that could put it at risk, SD-WAN offer more secured home and branch networks.

Now that you know more about SD-WAN and how it can help your company, give us a call so we can help you implement it in order to help your team work more efficiently.

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