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ESI Business Telephone Systems

Three Things We Like About ESI Business Telephone Systems

  1. Unique features
  2. Built-in instant messaging
  3. Continuous community outreach

Features Help Your Team Work Smarter

Some of the features we really like are:

  • Virtual Answer – When a second call comes in just press a button to play a recording that says, “I see that you are calling. Please hold, and I will be with you shortly.”
  • Presence Management – A door access controller is connected directly to the phone system.  Fobbing in or out changes the greeting and call handling for that employee’s extension.
  • Media Manager – This feature puts video cameras, door access controllers, and phones into one integrated package.
  • Voicemail Display – ESI’s new phones will show the most recent voicemail right on the phone itself.  Just push a button to play the message.

Built-in Instant Messaging is a cool feature that works with a PC tied into an ESI phone. It’s included in ESI bundles. We all like to use IM as a back channel for communication on conference calls, and this feature lets you do it anywhere without a computer or tablet.  Best of all, there are no expensive servers or add-on software packages to buy.

ESI Business Telephone Systems

ESI Telephones Systems

Other ESI business phone system features include:

  • Intelligent Call Forwarding™ to forward calls directly to a cell phone, branch office or answering service with the caller’s Caller ID.
  • ESI-Link multi-site networking options to connect up to 100 locations across your WAN or the Internet without dedicated lines or long distance charges.
  • On-site functionality for the office and most sites with broadband access to work from home or anywhere while “still on the office phone system.” Road warriors can use optional, PC-based VIP Softphone.
  • M3 Mirrored Memory Module with RAID technology to back up all system data automatically. This includes recordings, system programming, speed-dial numbers and voicemail messages and prompts.
  • Downloadable Maintenance and Updates via modem, direct connection or LAN/WAN, and ESI software to manage system settings.

ESI gives back

Going beyond telephone technology, we greatly admire the way ESI gives back to the community in so many ways. The company’s ESI Humanitarian Relief Fund responds to natural disasters in the US and worldwide. The company also makes substantial contributions to numerous charities in the Dallas, TX area. ESI endows scholarships for students at two universities as well as contributing to the education of employees and their children.

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