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Mitel Business Phone Systems

Why Mitel? Because We Adjust To The Way You Do Business

Clear Choice has been one of the premier Mitel dealers in the country since 2007. Mitel Business Phone Systems has changed the way they measure customer satisfaction over the years, but no matter what the metric has been, we have always been recognized for our World Class Customer Care. We have achieved Gold Partner status which means we have the Engineers and Sales acumen to support complex implementations involving all of Mitel’ s product line.

We separate ourselves from the competition with our White Glove Implementation process that we have perfected over the years. We have all of the details covered so your people can seamlessly work while we are migrating to your new Mitel system.

Why Clear Choice Is The Best Mitel Dealer For You

We have over 250 unique Mitel customers and support over 1000 locations across the US and Canada. Our Help Desk, staffed daily with 3-5 Mitel certified technicians, is constantly lauded for their quick responses and service with a smile.

Our business has been built on referrals from happy customers and a reputation for always putting the client first. We have seen our Mitel Partner Support grow as many existing Mitel cus-tomers have reached out to us because of our reputation for excellence and unique all-inclusive support offering.
We service all industries, but have significant experience and influence in the following markets:

  • Medical Practices – From single site to multi-site contact centers
  • Transportation and Logistics – We are experts with McLeod Software Integration and under-stand the complexities of running a multi-shift logistics company.
  • Non-Profits and Churches – From supporting the Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta to several churches and schools, we have made a name for ourselves as a trusted partner in the non-profit arena.

Your Complete Communications Provider

We have been a Mitel  partner since 2007 and have been extremely pleased with the partnership.  Mitel offers the best value in VoIP phone systems for a number of reasons:

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership – With an easy to use administrative interface, our clients don’t need to hire expensive engineers or IT staff to manage the phone system. With an hour of training we enable customers to modify the system on their own, even for a non-technical administrator.
  • Protect Your Investment – Through software upgrades (which are include in our Partner Support) our customers always have the latest and greatest features, eliminating the requirement to buy new hardware every 5-7 years. All of our early customers from 2007 and 2008 still have the same hardware (typical lifespan should last over 20 years), but get the benefits of new technology via software updates.  This is truly the last phone system you will need to purchase.
  • Reporting and Analytics – Through our partnership with Brightmetrics, all of our customers benefit from the ability to analyze data and make business decisions based on real time information. They can customize reports and dashboards and manipulate data in ways that are unavailable in other systems.
  • Reliability – Mitel’s architecture inherently builds in reliability into the systems. There is no single point of failure and it is simple to create business continuity plans for our customers.  Dual trunking options via SIP trunks are an inexpensive way to create redundancy for our customers that natively work with the Mitel system.

Cloud vs. Onsite

Do you focus on year 1 costs or a long-term TCO?

Cloud Preferred:

  • Year one costs are lower with Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)
  • Save money on hardware investment
  • Prefer annual subscription model

Onsite Preferred:

  • 3+ year TCO typically favors on-premises
  • Prefer perpetual license model
  • Consulting costs similar with both Cloud and Onsite

What is the state of your IT resources?

Cloud Preferred:

  • Fewer requirements for IT resources to implement
  • Data and application moved offsite
  • System administration needs are reduced
  • Upgrades managed by ShoreTel
Onsite Preferred:

  • Your IT team has more control
  • Data and applications are local
  • Systems administered locally
  • Upgrades are do-it-yourself

How complex are your phone system integrations?

Cloud Preferred:

  • Limited in number
  • Well defined and understood
  • Typically static and one-way
Onsite Preferred

  • Many integrations to other applications
  • Evolving and highly complex
  • Typically dynamic and bi-directional

Does your organization have experience with Cloud?

Cloud Preferred:

  • Other Cloud application(s) in place
  • Cloud model is understood and accepted
  • Executive support for UCaaS

Onsite Preferred:

  • Limited Cloud application(s) in place
  • CRM and ERP applications have been deployed onsite
  • Cloud applications seen as a risk

Does your business prefer packaged vs. custom solutions?

Cloud Preferred:

  • Organization is ready to embrace standard applications
  • Business prefers off the shelf applications
  • Little customization required

Onsite Preferred:

  • Applications tend to be more customized
  • Business processes and solutions are unique
  • Have aptitude and resource to sustain custom solution

Where do your employees work?

Cloud Preferred:

  • Multiple locations and remote workers
  • Requires simple upgrade process
  • Requires reliable and secure internet or private cloud connection

Onsite Preferred:

  • Centralized with fewer locations
  • Upgrades more localized
  • High quality network and storage infrastructure already in place

How does your company manage expenses?

Cloud Preferred:

  • Operating expense budget preferred
  • Smaller financial impact in year one
  • Annual subscription preferred

Onsite Preferred:

  • Capital expense budget preferred
  • Larger financial impact in year one
  • Purchase of perpetual licenses