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Toshiba Business Phone Systems

Three Things We like About Toshiba Business Phone Systems

Toshiba Business Phone Systems

  1. Most durable phones in the industry
  2. Best programming in the industry
  3. Best national accounts program

Never Miss A Beat

With Toshiba business phone systems, your employees will always be in touch, no matter how far-flung your network may be.

First, Toshiba has the most durable phones on the market. They just keep on going and going and going. Durability is probably the reason why Toshiba needs to maintain Strata CIX systems to connect all those phones still in use. Toshiba Strata® CIX™ systems give large organizations with far-flung networks excellent converged solutions for a mix of IP, digital and analog endpoint devices connected to their system along with IP telephony and unified communications applications.

Second, it is possible to customize the Toshiba more than any other system. With their many different programming options, you can make every individual telephone do exactly what you want. Toshiba even offers 14 options for call forwarding. Rest assured, at Clear Choice Telephones, we’re masters at programming Toshiba phones.

Third, Toshiba business phone systems have by far the best national accounts program in the United States. Large users are assured of fair prices and consistent quality throughout the country.

To put all of these features to work, Toshiba gives you the best of both worlds: digital and analog. This allows you to integrate old and new systems and to install upgrades on one piece of equipment at a time.

Toshiba Business Phone Systems


Toshiba Phone Systems Gives You the Best of Both Worlds

Digital and Analog

Toshiba IPedge™ IP systems are software-centric, unified communications platforms for organizations who want to deploy on an all-IP network infrastructure to realize the savings of managing a single network.

Clear Choice can help you make Toshiba Strata CIX and IPedge systems work together as networked systems to dramatically expand capacity and improve your integration between decentralized locations.

We also like Toshiba’s call-management and call-recording systems.

Call Manager™ combines the capabilities of your computer and telephone into one powerful unified communication-management tool. Call control from your PC lets you dial, answer or transfer calls. You can also use your mouse without picking up the telephone.

You can use Call Manager with an IP or digital business telephone to provide desktop call control. You can also use it as a stand-alone IP softphone, providing mobility and remote access. It can synchronize with your operations, CRM or contact software.

Call recording helps you avoid communication disputes with systems that record, store, organize, and play back telephone calls. It’s a capability requested by many of our customers. Recording applications also help improve the quality of your business operations which includes training, quality control, and customer service.

  • Cradle-to-Grave Recording captures every moment of the call, even while the caller is on hold.
  • Look-Back Recording records an entire conversation, even if the recording was initiated after the call began.
  • Call Monitoring allows authorized users to monitor calls as they’re happening, regardless of whether they are being recorded or not.
  • Selective Recording records specific or random extensions, groups of extensions or every extension.
  • Bookmarks are automatically inserted when calls are transferred or put on hold. Particular calls or parts of calls can be easily and quickly found.
  • After-Call Actions can be taken after a call, including sending an e-mail or instant text message or launching another program.

Clear Choice Telephones sells, installs, and services Toshiba business telephone systems. We know customers love having one company to call for all of their communication needs. Call us at 770-255- 3333 and press 2 for sales to schedule a demonstration or get more information.