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VoIP Providers: Basic Plans vs. Premium Solutions

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Not all VoIP providers are the same.  See how basic telephone service stacks up with premium solutions.

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How VoIP Works

VoIP (or Voice over IP) is a popular choice for telephone service these days, especially among businesses.  These systems are cloud-based, meaning they use the Internet to transmit calls.  They are becoming so common that there are now two large categories of VoIP service:  basic and premium.  To stay competitive, basic VoIP providers rely on keeping costs down to provide the lowest prices to customers.  While these can be attractively low, businesses that rely on consistent, high-quality phone service may find their overall value to be smaller than first meets the eye.  While all VoIP voice is transmitted over the Internet, basic VoIP plans do so over the public Internet.  This means the voice quality of such calls are affected by Internet connections and traffic.  Problems with the Internet Service Provider (ISP) also affect VoIP quality and availability.  Basic VoIP plans often include desk phones with voicemail and some call routing.  Most customers are responsible for setting up their own phones and managing Internet connectivity and call flow.

ShoreTel Sky’s premium-managed VoIP, however, is different in many ways.  These systems include not only desk phones, but also call routing, auto attendants, coaching tools, and call management.  Also included are application that provide instant messaging, screen sharing, presence, and video chat.  There are also options for click-to-dial functions, contact center solutions, and voicemail to email transcription, among others.  Many clients connect to data centers through private circuits, not the public Internet, which guarantees reliability and quality of service.  Each client also receives dedicated resources for deploying the VoIP system, including initial on-site surveys and remote or online assistance and training.  The system is fully managed, meaning employees and customers will receive only the highest-quality phone service.  Although these premium VoIP plans do cost more, they have a much greater value than basic VoIP packages.

If you’d like know more about premium, managed VoIP solutions, we can help!  Contact Clear Choice Telephones at 770-255-3333 to discuss if a premium VoIP package from ShoreTel Sky might be right for you.